Monday, September 1, 2014

Invigorated math!

Math word problems can really be hard for kids. They need strategies, and a little bit of courage to just "go for it" and see if they can find the answer. It's totally natural for kids to go about finding answers in their own way. If they can explain how they got the right answer that makes sense, it's correct. The old idea of "do it this way only" is way past over! Kids need to be inventive, insightful and invigorated with math excitement to really "do" math. That's how we'll grow mathematicians for tomorrow's professions! What better way to stretch those math brain muscles that with a game!

Below are some terrific sites for math word problems. They can be used as centers, for morning group works, or other times you want kids to really give their brains a workout!

This is one of my favorites!

Monster Crossing: Great for second grade and up!

Kids answer 5 word problems, then can play some basketball!

Pull in your students who love baseball with this fun game. Includes both addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division!

Operation Snowman is a good one because students must choose the operation that should be used to solve the word problem (good for test prep) then the game shows the solved problem. Kids build parts of a snowman with each correct answer. Super cute and fun!

If you teach fourth grade (or need review for fifth graders) you might be interested in my 4th grade math word problem bundle. Each resource is also available separately, but together they cover ALL Common Core standards for word problems in 4th grade.

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