Monday, September 15, 2014

Spooky Adjectives

Adjectives are so much fun to teach! It's the one time you can let kids go wild with descriptive words.  If you add a little bit of "spookiness" into the mix…you have a real winner!  I have included an adjective freebie and few adjective sites that I think are terrific. Enjoy!

Freebie time first!

Adjective Adventure…get the answer right and spider eats the fly…strangely compelling.

Adjective Detective covers it all!

Ok! I know that School House Rock is pretty old, but it's still terrific! This one is on adjectives.

If you would like a spooky little adjective resource for Halloween, or anytime you're in for a scare, check out my resource below (the freebie comes from this resource)

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