Friday, September 19, 2014

Featuring: Force, Motion and Energy!

Force, motion and energy are science strands kids really enjoy! It takes a lot of hands-on activities and fun games and videos to bring it to life. Magnets, kinetic and potential energy, simple machines and so much more! To help with teaching this fun unit I have included some great online resources below. Enjoy!

This great site is filled with online activities, games and experiments on motion. It says it is for 5th-8th grade, but MANY of the sites are perfect for third and fourth grades as well. In the one pictured, students do an experiment Galileo did off the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Lots of useful goodies here!

This is a great little video. Look on the right hand side for other videos in the series.

Great catchy song on potential and kinetic energy
Click Here

Bill...Simply the best! A short 3 minute plus video about push and pull

 This three minute plus video is a TERRIFIC discussion starter on renewable energy

This video on Newton's Laws of Motion is perfect for kids! Perfect for 4th graders!

If you would be interesting in taking a look at force and motion, as well as energy task card resources,  check out the links below:

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Or save some money by purchasing the pack of three resources:

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