Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Documentation and a FREEBIE

Documentation can be SUCH a pain. Principals demand it, school psychologists ask for it, and parents want to see it. Even thinking about it can make any teacher want to pull their hair out!   It can drive any teacher a little insane (a lot actually), but it has to be done. Teachers must prove to principals, parents and the psychologist what students actually do and do not know. The "test" at the end of the year is only one small piece of the puzzle, although some people think it is the entire puzzle. Save me from those people!!!
    The trick is how to document in a way that doesn't drive us all totally nuts, ruin our home life, but still gives useful information that we can use.

So, why is documentation so important?

  1. documenting what standards your students have mastered allows teachers to know who can move on and who needs remediation. This leads to more effective differentiation.
  2. With students who are having great difficulty, documentation shows clearly what the problems are, and the severity of the problems. This leads to more productive IEP meetings.
  3. Parents what to know exactly how their child is preforming. What do they know, and where tdo they need more help?
  4. When grade card time rolls around, documentation is very helpful in determining a grade that really reflects what the student knows.
I have found a few really good articles on documentation that are especially good. Have a look!

This one is done in bullets, so it is easy and quick to read!

I like this one too. 

This pdf on documentation from Australia is wonderful! Don't miss it!

I have just finished a documentation resource that will help teachers not only document progress of individual students, but for their class as well. That scream will become a sigh of relief!! It includes 137 tests, checklists and grading keys, documentation forms, and organizational materials (437 pages).

To give a try for free, try out the freebie below. It is everything you need to test your students for common core standard RI.3.1. It includes the documentation form for the class (if you have more than 18 students...(OMG-of course you do!!!) copy two pages. Two tests are included with answer keys, one test is shown below. Click on the link below the freebie pictures.

                                               3rd Grade Documentation Freebiie