Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Games, Games and Reading Stuff!

There's nothing I like using more in centers than games and task cards! They both make practice a lot more fun! When kids love an online game, they go home and find it on on their own computer. What do you get? MORE practice…while they think they're just having fun!

I've found some great reading games and activities! I Hope your kids really enjoy them! You may want to include the web address of some of them in your newsletter!

Kids can play games like Plural Girls and Rooting Out Words, plus read comics and play Mad Libs Junior….terrific for centers! This particular game is under the "game" section on the right hand side called "Stay Afloat"

There's lots to choose from here for third and fourth graders! It includes a story maker, poetry splatter, and writer's block. What's writer's block? Students can write stories with other kids. Students read the beginning of a story and add ideas until the story is finished.

This is a great site for reading comprehension! It gives a short selection to read, then questions for kids to answer. (from Toon University)

This is a great one! Not only do kids read, but they have to use a dictionary to figure out the answer. Awesome!

This site is a goldmine! It has everything a teacher needs to teach comprehension including  Power Points,, games…the works!

If you are interested in reading task cards, check out my resources below for second, third and fourth grade readers!

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