Friday, August 29, 2014

Multiplication STINKS!

There are SO many kids who go home from school thinking, "Multipication STINKS!" But it doesn't have to be that way. The old tried and true use of flashcards gets old fast, and when fun evaporates, so does learning! What to do?  Put the fun back into practice with online games and activities! First of all, it can be done in pairs (kids LOVE that) and it's fun! I loved to hear my own students giggling and really truely enjoying math games. I knew they were learning...LOTS! Multiplication takes lots of practice, not only when kids are first learning them, but all the way through elementary school (and often longer...sadly). For older students who are struggling, practice is vital. It's not a skill that can be glossed over either. No matter what our students do when they grow up, knowing those math facts is going to make life much easier.

The problem starts with math books. The math books give one page of discussion about a set of math facts (like the 6s) then gives a page of practice. The next thing you know they are asking kids to mix it up with every other fact that was just presented. How long do you teach multiplication (according to the book), about two weeks. I'm still laughing. Multiplication takes review, and review and review. And it's got to be fun, or kids won't do it!

That means games! I have included some great links to games that are tons of fun and great for centers or stations. If kids come into the classroom early in the morning, that's a great time to use them too! Some of the games below are perfect for individual practice. We all need that too! I've also included a freebie sheet to use when reviewing the 5s. It has a fun picture to color when they are finished. Coloring often helps students keep the stress down that often comes with learning multiplication facts. It's taken from my resource, "Bird Brained Multiplication".

Ready for some great multiplication games! Check out the links below:

This is only one of the great games on this great site!

I love the sound on this multiplication game, but it can be turned off! : )

It doesn't have to be Christmas to play this fun game!

OMG! Don't miss this one! It's called Diaper Derby. Kids can customize their baby and the walker she uses, then use their multiplication skills to race to the finish line. Terrific!!!

Multiplication Station is great for practice

This is a simple one that one student can play alone. He or she shoots the pies that answer the multiplication expression. 

The 4s can drive kids and teachers a little insane. This game is a BIG help!

Zombies are kids will love this one called "Zombie Prom". They get to play the part of an intern for a costume designer getting actors ready for the latest movie "Zombie Prom"! Kids have to answer multiplication questions to do things like, get past security, then they can use the arrows to change the way the actor looks. Fun and good practice! Yes...boys will like it too!

Alien Munchtime is a fun one that can be played by one student. It's a fun way to paractice the facts. I love the little song that goes with it...and yes it could drive you nuts...turn it down or off. 

Picnic Multiplication is terrific! It comes in two levels and is really good for those who are beginning multiplication (level 1) as it also shows the addition fact. Sound is cute, but can be turned off.

This great game is good for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Plus it comes in easy, medium and hard! Love a good game of Bingo!

If you would like to check out a different way to teach multiplication that really works, click on the picture below:

I hope you enjoy the games....and your kids learn tons!!! And may not ONE of your students think that multiplication stinks!

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