Monday, January 13, 2014

Lost in Grammar Wonderland!

Lost in Wonderland, that's what grammar can feel like for kids, (and adults!). I'm always looking for easy and fun ways to help kids reinforce skills that need lots, and lots of practice. I found some terrific games (below) that should help, plus I have a couple of freebies for adjectives and adverbs (click on the link below the pictures). One is for second grade (primarily), and one is for third (again, primarily). With the different requirements in different states, you just never know what a particular grade's needs are. In any event, I hope they help you out!

                                                              Click Here

Need some games?

Great grammar games are on this site, including this one called Verb Viper and Word Invation.

You can't go wrong with Grammar Gorillas!

The kids have to be FAST to catch the words with this game, but it is fun! Plus it's one of the things on Brain Pop that is free! (Always a plus!)

Don't miss Grammar Ninja! Great sound and wonderful practice.

If you are interested in a fun language resource on adjectives and adverbs, check out "Alice in Language Land" based on Alice in Wonderland,  in my store.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Time for A Valentine Freebie!

I just love Valentine's Day! It's one of the low-key holidays that just makes people happy! I'd like to make you happy with a math freebie and a few links for Valentine fun. First the freebie!

My freebie is three "quick math" sheets that have four problems per page for third grade, or review for fourth grade. It's a great way to give a quick check-up, or math practice to your students. They're great to use when kids come in first thing in the morning too. Just click on the link below the pictures to get your copy!

                                                            Valentine Freebie: Click Here

If you need some Valentine activities, check out these links:

This is a great site for worksheets for any grade level, this link is just for Valentine goodies! You do need to sign up, but it's free and they have TONS of stuff for teachers!
Valentine Worksheets from

Need a couple of fun and easy games for Valentine's Day fun? Check this out!
Third Grade Valentine Games

  Want more great freebies? You can find February Freebies Galore on Corkboard Connections! Just click on the link below the picture and enjoy!