Saturday, September 13, 2014

Give Me Goods and Services!

Kids love learning about goods and services! Why? Because it's about "stuff". That stuff includes cell phones, games, toys and every other thing kids love! I've found that teaching kids about goods and services is so much more fun with games, activities and projects! I've discovered some great ones, and provided links to them below. 

The Bakery Shop is a great center/group activity. It does take some time to play, but it really helps kids understand goods and services!

This site has TONS of videos on how different things are made, the one below is how toothbrushes are made…great site!

This site has MANY links to economic activities for grades 2-5. The one pictured below is called "Simple Simon Met a Pieman"

Great site with Power points, lesson plans and more!

Time for a freebie! Enjoy the two posters for goods and services below!

My goods and services resource below hooks kids into the idea of goods and services with a fun story about a town that is in big trouble!
Check out my resource below! The freebie is taken from this resource.

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