Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gaming it Up in Math!

I thought it was a good time to hunt around the "Net" for some great math games that could be used in centers, or for any kind of cooperative learning. I found some great ones! Enjoy!!

This is a great activity for older students. They have the opportunity to try out (in a fun way) different occupations that use math….a terrific cooperative activity!!!

This is a TERRIFIC game to practice multiplication facts! There are many other 3rd grade games on this page, this one is called "Space Race".

This site has a list of 4th grade games that are really good. This one is called "Decention".  Students group fractions, decimals, and percents that go together.

The fifth grade games here include this one called "Spaceboy" has students move around the board using coordinates!

OK, games are great, but sometimes kids need some one on one tutorial help that can be done at school or at home. This is a great FREE site called SmartTutor that uses cartoons to help lead students to understanding. It is divided by grade level, k-5.  Pretty awesome, check it out!

If you like using games and task cards to help reinforce those important math facts, check out my resources below:

For division practice:

For reinforcing decimals:

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