Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Give Me Some Force and Motion!

If you need a unit to grab those reluctant learners and "Power" them up, you can't do better than force and motion! It's filled with experiments, plus lots of movement and action. It's everything kids could want! I've scoured the Internet looking for the best activities out there to help you get the "inertia" out of your students, and get them in motion!

These great videos and self-tests are part of the  Force and Motion StudyJam series. Students play the videos, then test themselves. It's PERFECT for centers! There are six studyJams that will not only teach your students lots, but they'll enjoy every minute of it!

It includes videos on Newton's three laws of motion.

This site has ten short videos on inertia, speed, gravity and more. Choose the number in front of the video you want, then type it in the space below the video box. Really good stuff here from Eureka.

19 physics/force and motion activities are on this site!

Students run simulations on this site to learn how to use force and motion. Very visual and appealing to students.

LOTS of force and motion games, activities and more here!

If you are interested in task cards, or a great PowerPoint on force and motion, check out my resource below!

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