Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Little Moon Madness!

I can't think of anything more fun to teach than space. The moon is one topic that I totally love teaching about! There's just so much great information out there. Nothing gets kids REALLY excited like learning about the moon! I have included some great videos, games and goodies (including a freebie) for you to use in your classroom as you study all about the moon! Hope you and your kids enjoy them!

This impressive video is from National Geographic. It covers it all, and is pretty short!

  Nice basic video and short!

This video is for kids aged third grade and up. It's amazing!

This site has great activities about the moon…kids will love it and very kid-friendly!

If you need a good game for a center during your moon study, this is the one!

Oh My! This site has lots of short moon videos (everything you could need) plus links to games and more! It's from NEOK12

This is a great space game for older students!

Now for the freebie!

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