Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How Does Government Work?

Every citizen needs to know about how our government works! That information needs to start early, and needs to be easy to understand. The one thing you never want to see is one of your past students being interviewed for an "on the street" survey missing an obvious question, like "Who is our Vice President?" Good grief, it's hard to believe how many people miss that one!!!  Below are websites, games and videos that can help you with your government unit. By the time you are done, your third through fifth graders will be citizen experts! Let the interview begin!

This site from iCivics is terrific for third through fifth grade students. Games include "Do I Have A Right" about the Bill of Rights, Cast Your Vote, Branches of Power and so much more! If you teach about government there is a game here for your students….terrific for centers!

I love this site for teaching American symbols! It has everything you need! Other sites on this page include FBE Kids Page, Treasure Direct Kids Games and more!

This is a learning site for the branches of government. Kids see what each branch is responsible for, then try to match the responsibility to the branch. It's almost like a memory game, which is something most kids love.

I love, love, love this site! It has games on branches of power, the Bill of Rights, Executive command and more. The games are VERY engaging! Talk about making government fun….Oh yea!

This terrific game makes your students into secret agents. Our government has been taken over by an evil fiend who dissolves the branches of power! Their mission is to restore the Branches of Power according to the Constitution to preserve democracy for the nation. Fantastic for 4th and 5th grades!

The Democracy Project from PBS kids presents this great site!

This great video is a terrific rap-type song that will really get kids' attention. The lyrics are available by clicking the Interactive Lyrics link at the top of the page.

If you teach government don't miss this site! It has a number of great videos! The one on the three branches is super, super good…cute and catchy.  Other videos includes the Balance of Power, Checks and balances, separation of Power, Schoolhouse Rocks' I'm Just a Bill and much, much more!

Oh My! I got a little crazy, but there is so much good stuff out there! I hope this gives you lots to choose from. 


  1. These are perfect for my government unit! THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you so much for such an excellent round-up of resources.

  3. Wow, thanks!! I was looking to do a civics unit this year, without buying curriculum-this is perfect!