Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guided Reading? HELP!

Well, hello again! We can all use some new guided reading worksheets. My freebie this week is a fourteen page guided reading worksheet pack that has two pages for each reading level from first to fifth. My blog is the only place you can get the larger freebie that includes two pages for each grade level. My store freebie only has one page per grade! I hope you enjoy them, and you have a great week. To get the freebie just click on the link below.

Click on the link below for your freebie!
                                            Guided Reading Preview Pack!

If you are interested in viewing the entire resource this freebie is taken from, just click on the link below

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Learn Long Division the Easy Way!

Learning long division just won't get any better without lots of practice! Drill, drill, drill just doesn't do the trick, and can make kids hate math. Below are some ideas to help make learning long division easier (and more fun) plus great games and activities that can help with long division!

So what can you do besides drill, drill, drill?
1. Use videos about how to do long division. There are many out there using many different approaches. One will "click". See the videos below. Sometimes teaching video are a nice change of pace for students.
2. Keep practicing multiplication and division facts. It's impossible to deal with long division if the facts are still "mussy" in a student's mind.
3. Games, games, games! Long division can make some kids give up, using games makes practice fun and non-threatening.
4. Send game sites home that students can use to practice for homework, or for fun. 

My favorite way to reinforce math facts is through games. Long division is one of those skills in which students must know their facts to be successful. I hope the videos and games below can be helpful!

This video is fantastic! She uses Singapore math to teach long division.

Gotta love this one! If you are not sure how to go about teaching long division, don't miss this one!

Cool Math 4 Kids has a great step-by-step explanation that is great for kids to look back at when they get stuck. It uses color, which is very helpful!

This video is for teachers, giving an alternative method for teaching long division, called hang-man division. This could be just the type of instruction some kids really need.

Simply fantastic! Really grabs the kids' attention!

Don't miss this site! It is full of great division games. Very visual with nice sounds to engage learners. Wonderful for centers. Two of the games available are below with their own links.

I love it when a game gives a choice of levels!

If you have Harry Potter fans in your classroom, they'll love this one: Becoming Lord Voldemath!

This isn't a game, but it sure is a fun way to do long the sound on this one! It's called "Snork's Long Division".

Monday, March 25, 2013


                                               Bug Out!

Language skills…Ugh! Kids can get so hung up on grammar! It takes a lot of practice, and it sure helps to includes games! Below is a freebie that addressed two of the common core language skills for third grade, and links to a few games your kids might like. Hope they help out!

                                                         Click Here for Freebie!

                                         Here's some terrific games your kids might enjoy!

This site has a number of fun grammar games for third grade!

If you like the freebie, and would like more worksheets that address the common core language skills in third grade, check out my resource below ($5.50):