Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's Time for Guided Reading….HELP!


 I struggled with guided reading for more years than I care to mention. I went to one inservice after another trying to find one that gave me the whole picture. Instead, I got pieces, pieces that just didn't fit together. I shared my frustration with other teachers, and was not surprised that they felt the same way. It was totally through trial (and much error) that I finally knew I had it right. It's SO much easier when you finally reach that sweet spot!

    To help other teachers who are struggling like I was, or for old pros who just want more ideas, I have a freebie, terrific videos and a useful website to help you out. The best advice I can give is to just keep reaching, looking, reading, and experimenting. When you least expect it, everything will fall into place.

    The freebie has one worksheet page for each reading level grades 1-5 to use with your guided reading groups. I know in my class there were usually at least four (five- six!!) reading levels represented. I've included just two of the pages of the freebie in the pictures below. I hope it is helpful for you. Click on the link below the pictures for your freebie.

If you would like a great Pinterest board just full of Guided reading, reading workshop, and just plain great reading ideas, check out this site called "Guided Reading (and More) Ideas and resources

I don't know about you, but I think seeing guided reading being taught is often better than reading about it. Here are a few great guided reading videos that are particularly helpful.

This first one is about guided reading teaching in general. A question is asked, then answered about how to do guided reading. Although this is a second grade class, it is applicable to all elementary grades.

This video is actually a guided reading training video. Very Helpful! What I REALLY like about this video, is it also shows what the rest of the class is doing!

This site is from WatchKnowLearn and has a number of videos looking at each part of guided reading. If you are just starting out, or are an old pro there is lots to learn on this site.

This video is guided reading in a third grade classroom. Really helpful to those just getting started with guided reading. 

This is a great video on how to improve reading comprehension and is directed at students. It's especially fun for upper elementary students

This is a great site with terrific information on setting up guided reading groups, and how to run them.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post on guided reading and found the accompanying videos and resources very helpful and informative. Your pinterest board is also a gold mine of ideas. Thank your for sharing your knowledge :)

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks so very much! It's always nice to know my ideas are helpful. By the way, I have a six part series on guided reading on my blog that you might enjoy. It includes ideas and a number of freebies.
    Part one is:

  3. guided reading is a bad way to teach reading......

  4. I read the article, and I agree with two things. First, teachers are not prepared by colleges or their districts to teach guided reading (or any other reading method). They are given vague overviews and disjointed workshops that only confuse people. Secondly, teaching materials are too often insufficient. This is the same thing I went through for years as I struggled to get teaching guided reading right. However, I know that guided reading works, and works well, when properly taught. I hope the people complaining about the inadaquacies of reading instruction do something about it, and develop college classes, and workshops that truly meet teacher's needs.