Sunday, August 24, 2014

Can Fractions Be More Fun?

Fractions can be so tricky for kids!  I have to admit, I think games are the best way to teach math…kids have fun (no drudgery with a game!) and learn lots! The links below are all games…that makes them great for centers and stations! If you need a fraction freebie for assessment…it's here too!

This fun game is available in easy and hard...terrific practice!

To get the ideas of smallest to largest fractions across to students, you can't beat this fun game!

This game called Scooter Quest Decimals is all about less than, more than and equal to. Students help Jimmy earn money to buy a scooter by giving the correct answers.

Kids will LOVE this one! It's called Dolphin Racing and uses fractions to give the needed power to your dolphin to win. Comes in easy and hard.

Time for a game break!
This fraction freebie is taken from one of my resources on fractions.

Factors Millionaire is a really fun one! If you go to this site, there are MANY great fraction games!!

I love Hooda Math! This site has 5 great fraction games!

I must be hungry…here is another great pizza game!
                                                                   Pizza Game

This game is great and is for up to for people or this one!

If you are not familiar with Cool Math 4 Kids, you need to look it over. It's great for remediation (the lessons are visual and TEACH the lesson, plus it's great for kids to review if they are still confused!

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