Friday, August 22, 2014

We the People

Knowing how our government works is SO important for kids to know! They need to know not only how it works, but how they can make their own voices heard! It's what being a citizen is all about! My goal has always been to make government a little more fun with lots of roll playing, and fun activities.

To help out a bit, I am including a fun freebie here to help you in your government study, plus some great links! Hope your kids enjoy them! Click on the link below the picture to pick it up in

This site from iCivics is perfect for older students. The games are more involved and make kids really think! Perfect for stations, or to play as a class together...discuss while you play. Includes crisis of nations, Do I have a right? and Bill of Rights Edition.

All the goodies you need to teach government are right here, including the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution of the U.S. and more! It includes the background of the document, a kids version and SO much more! This is an amazing resource!

Want some great games/website on government? Check these out!

Government Jeopardy (AWESOME) 

My favorite is Ben's Guide for Kids..Totally love this one!

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