Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hard As A Rock! Plus a Freebie!

My favorite thing to teach is rocks and minerals! Kids already love rocks, so teaching them how they are made is something they are already interested in! I hope the links below will help make your unit on rocks and minerals fun for your kids, and you too! As an added bonus, I have included a freebie from my rocks and minerals resource. Hope you like it!

 Use this freebie (grading key included) to assess your students' knowledge of earth changes.

This site is amazing! It has a number of terrific games, short movies and more to help support your rocks and minerals unit. The movie pictures tells how igneous rocks are formed.

Gotta love this one! Students learn all about rocks and soil as they save the Earth from aliens! Love this one!!

This is a great site to hook your students into the study of rocks! Links include volcanoes, the types of rocks and how they are made and much more. I love the interactive kitchen at the bottom of the home page that allows kids to click on things in their own house and see how rocks and minerals are used in their production. 

This is a great source for links to terrific rocks and minerals sites. Just a note, the one called "Exploring Fossils" doesn't link to the activity, it links to lots and lots of more games and activities.

There"s LOTS of great short videos here on rocks and rock formation, plus quizzes, games, diagrams and more!

This site is just perfect for center exploration! It has both a dinosaur floor, and an earth floor. To make it even better, there's a link for teachers!!

If you are looking for task cards, classroom activities, a game and even a rocks and minerals PowerPoint, check out my two resources below:

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