Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why Vote?

Voting is the core of our democracy, yet the United States ranks toward the bottom of all democracies in the number of citizens who actually vote. That means we all need to do a better job teaching kids why voting is so important. I hope the great videos below are helpful!

This is a beautifully done short video on the importance of voting, done with simple posters. Perfect to start a discussion on the importance of voting!

Upper Elementary students are all about celebrities…this celebritiy video gets to the root of why it's important to vote!

This three minute Ted Talk is all about why we vote on a Tuesday. Kids will love this!

LOVE this one! It's the history and importance of voting done in a really engaging cartoon style!

If you are interested in holding a mock election in your classroom, don't miss this great post from Scholastic.  Click on the "Vote" button to get a complete lesson plan with PDFs included. There is also a great lesson plan on "Parties, Platforms, and Polls". Lots of things to check out here, most are free. 

If you are looking for some great worksheets about elections, don't miss this site called "abcTeach" You do need to create an account to download the worksheets, but it is free. 

Happy Voting!

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