Thursday, December 11, 2014

Energize That Energy!

Teaching energy is a lot more fun with great games and websites! They're like the energizer bunny for your energy unit!  It's even better when they are FREE! I hope the ones I've found below make energy not only fun for your students, but easier for you!!

This first site is pretty awesome. Click the first set of videos and you get a choice (on the right hand side) of videos for a number of science strands. Go down to "Heat and Temperature" and note the number of the video you want to see. Then put that number under the video box where it says, "Video number from menu…."  Delete that message and type in the number. Then click on play. 
The site then continues with LOTS of resources for teaching energy. Keep this one handy!!!

Do you need a terrific site for a center/station? Make up a short question sheet for students to answer as they discover this great site. The result…a perfect center!

Don't mss this great site! It has 33 interactive activities for energy!

This is a great game for upper elementary! It can be used as a teaching tool (allowing students to use their science books to find answers) or as an assessment. Really good and engaging!

Your students will LOVE this site! Clickable links give short and easy to understand information about conductors and insulators, thermal energy, how does heat energy move and much, much more!

This You Tube rap is terrific for fourth and fifth grades! I like that it also includes the text!

If you are looking for task cards, worksheets, a game or even a PowerPoint on energy, check out my two resources below:

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