Saturday, December 20, 2014

Simply Simple Machines

Teaching about simple machines is so much easier with great websites, video and hands-on activities! I hope the links below help make your simple machine unit a little bit easier!

This is a great simple machines site from Idaho Public Television. Look on the links on the right hand side for information on animals, earth science, space and much more. 

Sometimes kids get confused with the difference between an inclined plane and a wedge. This short video makes the difference very clear!

This game is challenging, but fun!

Love this one! Students build robots to help accomplish tasks, and in the process, learn all about simple machines.

If it's science, it's got to be Bill Nye. The full 22 minute episode is here!

This series on simple machines is simple and short. Best for second or third grades. There is a video for each machine. Sid the Science Kid.

This is a great site for individual, or group discovery of simple machines. That makes it GREAT for a center!

This site called "Watch Know Learn" is full of terrific simple machine videos. If you really want to grab your kids' interest in simple machines, show them the first one on the list called, "How Was Florida's Coral Castle Built". It's really, really good!

If you are looking for a task card/activities/game resource on simple machines, or a great PowerPoint, check out the resources below:

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