Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Conquering Those Math Facts!

Learning the multiplication and division facts can be a little overwhelming for some kids. If they can practice those new skills with games and fun activities, it takes a lot of the stress away. Try out some of the great links I have included below to help your students multiply and divide with ease! Enjoy the free multiplication game!

Why use games?

1. Practicing math facts with flash cards can be beyond boring, and turn kids off to the whole process.
2. Bringing "fun" into the mix is a brain based technique that relaxes students and makes learning happen much more easily. It's biology baby!!
3. Games are a perfect solution to the problem, "What am I going to put in centers this week?".

Hope you and your students enjoy some of my favorites below:

This site has many multiplication and division game activity choices. Most are prefect for centers too!

This set of games from Multiplication.com is fantastic! There are so many fun games here. Be sure to check out Granny Prix Multiplication! Students can choose easy, medium or hard games!

You have to be fast for this one! It's great practice!!

OH MY GOODNESS! I love the games here. They are just too cute, and really keep a kid's attention. Learning should be fun!

Great group of fun and engaging games here!

Would you like a fun game to help your kids with multiplication? Try "Feed the Chickens" for free!!

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