Saturday, November 22, 2014


Trying to find good math games for centers or cooperative learning can be a time consuming prospect. I've found some really good ones for different areas of the math curriculum. One site has PDFs, and the IXL site is an amazing resource for Common Core activities. Hope you enjoy them!

This is a great game called "Ivy's Meadow". It's perfect for second and third graders to practice addition and subtraction. Click the lady bug to begin, then choose easy, difficult, or expert. Then start playing! Students can choose to add or subtract a particular number by clicking on the up and down arrows. Cute, colorful and good practice!
This is a FUN way to practice those math facts in addition, subtration, multiplication and division! Enjoy!
If you are not familiar with IXL, don't waste another minute. This link goes to fourth grade, but you can click your grade level on the left hand side. Every Common Core math strand is listed, with a corresponding activity to use in the classroom. OHHH so helpful!
Defeat the Math Monster is terrific practice for grades 1-4 (you choose the difficulty, plus addition, subtraction, multiplication or division). Students get 15 answers right to defeat the monster. There is a video to watch that shows just what to do!
I love this one! Kids drag and drop answers and the pictures are totally engaging!
This site is FILLED with second grade math PDFs, activities and handouts for many strands of the math curriculum. (Great for 3rd grade review too). It includes penguin math, snowflake activities, snowmen and glyphs! Don't miss this one!
OMG! I LOVE this one for fast math practice. Kids choose the pretzel they want to be, then arm wrestle another pretzel. To win they must answer a math question fast! It includes an instructional video on how to play the game…it doesn't get much better than this!
Are you working on time? This fun game has four skill levels that include time to the half-hour, to the quarter hour, the minute and elapsed time. Be sure to watch the instructional video to learn how to move the clock hands. VERY nice game!
If you are working on  two digit addition, this game would be perfect for centers!

Freebie Time!

This freebie is a 3rd grade math review sheet. It's also great for a little fourth grade review too!
Need a sheet to review rounding skills? Try this one!

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