Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas FREEBIES!

Artwork by Ron Leishman Digital Toonage

With all the craziness that goes with the season, finding Christmas themed activities for your classroom that meet the Common Core can be a little challenging.  Not anymore! Take a look at the freebies and games below! Have a terrific vacation and a great holiday!

How about some math fact practice? To string the lights students must answer math fact questions. The harder the question, the more lights they earn. Really a fun one!

These next three games come from the They are the best on the site (I think)

This great money counting game comes in easy, medium and hard!

If you need a holiday themed game to help your students review/learn time, try this great one!

This is SUCH a great site to use to engage even reluctant readers! Students click on areas of the reindeer barn to read about Raymond and his friends. They can read it themselves, or have it read to them! A perfect center activity!

FREE! Get in some language skills with this fun and free resource! It includes a five page read-aloud story as well as two language worksheets for each grade level from first to fifth. Differentiation is a breeze with this freebie!

FREE! Homophones are soooo tricky! This game will make learning about homophones a lot more fun!

If you are looking for a more complete resource for the Christmas holidays, check out my resource below! $

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  1. WOW...great resources! is a hit with many grade levels! Smiles and stop by anytime!