Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rethinking Regrouping!

Sometimes it takes coming at regrouping from a different direction to help kids understand what is really going on. That can be as simple as showing a video that teaches the concept a little differently. And what about subtracting across zeros...OMG! That takes real understanding of what is going on! The links below should be a big help in whole group teaching, centers, or cooperative learning. They include different ways to approach regrouping, as well sites for practice. I hope they are helpful!

This is a great video to show to the class to start (or review) regrouping with addition and subtraction…from Math Antics.

                               This is a really good video on subtracting across zeroes…done in rhyme.

Since subtracting across zeroes is such a bear…here's another video with a different strategy.


This is a terrific site to practice subtraction with regrouping. If you haven't found "Study Jams" yet, be sure to look around the site. It's really, really good!

Love this regrouping rap !

 This is the free version…and it's terrific for both addition and subtraction with regrouping!

                        This one REALLY gets into your head...and that's a GOOD thing!

           This one is great for second graders and third graders that are still confused. Very good!

This one is great for the math ninja idea!

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