Monday, October 6, 2014

12 of the Best Science Sites EVER!

You don't have to be a mad scientist to need a great science site! If you've been looking, and looking (and looking some more) you've come to the right place!

There's nothing like a great website for centers or cooperative learning to reinforce, excite and spur kids on to science! Try out a few of the great sites below…they are sure to please!!! Set your gifted and talented kids loose on any of these sites and see them light up!

Kids will love, love, love this site! Perfect for feeding that "inner scientist" in every kid!

You can't do better than National Geographic just can't!  Even reluctant readers will be captured by this site!

This site called "Windows to the Universe" is a really, really good one for fourth grade and up.

Bill Nye...need I say more?  Click on "Shows", then click on, "the Science Guy" link to get LOTS of video clips, information and more to supplement about any science lesson.

If you have kids who are interested in the brain, this is a great site to use! It's from the Smithsonian Science Education Center.

This fantastic site from PBS Learning Media is FULL of hands on science activities, plus some great videos kids will love....Lots of learning here!

This is NASA kids' Club!  JUST WOW!

Fantastic site called "Sea and Sky"

Terrific site from the EPA that gives educational resources about the environment…lesson plans, games and project ideas!

If you need an experiment for your class and you're coming up blank....this is the site you need!  LOTS of great ideas here, plus jokes, games, magic and more for kids!

Block out a CHUNK of time to look around on this site…it's a treasure….from NASA!

Do you teach about cells? Don't miss this one!

How about some great science task cards? Check out the resources below by clicking the covers.  They are also available in PowerPoints and Boom Cards.