Monday, October 6, 2014

12 of the Best Science Sites EVER!

You don't have to be a mad scientist to need a great science site! If you've been looking, and looking (and looking some more) you've come to the right place!

There's nothing like a great website for centers or cooperative learning to reinforce, excite and spur kids on to science! Try out a few of the great sites below…they are sure to please!!! Set your gifted and talented kids loose on any of these sites and see them light up!

Kids will love, love, love this site! Perfect for feeding that "inner scientist" in every kid!

This is a terrific site for older students, and kids who are really interested in learning about subatomic particles…there's a game zone too. This one could really "spark" a new scientist!

This site called "Windows to the Universe" is a really, really good one for fourth grade and up.

Discover the secrets of everyday stuff right here! Strange Matter

From the Smithsonian find great games and activities for astronomy, geology, zoology, anatomy and physics!

Large collection of terrific science activities from the PBS show Zoom. Includes chemistry, life science, physics, and geology! There's something for everyone here!

Science Interactives is a site you do not want to miss! Educational inter actives are fantastic and about the best you will find. Check out their huge collection. Sorted by grade level!

Fantastic site called "Sea and Sky"

Terrific site from the EPA that gives educational resources about the environment…lesson plans, games and project ideas!

The Lawrence Hall of Science can NOT be beat! Kids will love this site!

Block out a CHUNK of time to look around on this site…it's a treasure….from NASA!

Do you teach about cells? Don't miss this one!

How about some great science task cards? Check out the resources below:


  1. Thanks for this list of sites. I knew about some of them, and am excited to learn about the others. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for providing the list of sites. I love how interactive they are and I know the kids would love it too. This is a great list of technology sources that can be incorporated into the classroom. Your blog is a great source and will use it in my future career of teaching.

  3. It sounds like you are a teacher in training! Congratulations!! I'm so glad to hear my blog can give you some good ideas. Good luck in your teaching is tiring, inspiring, and the best job anyone could have!