Monday, October 6, 2014

Literature is Magic!

Kids love a good story, and when kids find the perfect story for them, it really is magical! What better way to help them "dig into" a great book than by using the Common Core Standards. They really help kids think through their reading. That's so important as they head out into the world (and college) to become knowledgeable and engaged lifelong learners. I've found some great videos to help teach students about the different elements in  literature. Some ideas to use with chapter books are also included below, plus a freebie to use with your guided reading groups. Enjoy!

Chapter Book Ideas:
1. Create a newspaper that could be found in the town in which the story takes place. What kinds of things are going on in that town? Included advertisements and drawings. This helps students really understand the setting and how it impacts the characters.

2. Create a poster to promote the book in your local book store. Some students may even like to create a TV add for the book and record it.

3. Design a board game based on the book. A new pizza box (I've gotten some donated by pleading the poor teacher card : )   Students design a game board based on the story, game pieces and create questions for other readers to answer.

4. Create a comic book based on the chapter book.

5. Design a new book jacket for the book.

6. What happens once the story is over? Ask students to write the first chapter of the character's next adventure.

7. Write a letter from the villain in the book explaining the reasons he/she acted the way he/she did.

8. Retell the story in a poem.

9. Ask students to design ten questions about the book, and an answer key. Ask students to exchange questions to answer.

How to determine a theme is well discussed in this video

Simple video on identifying the differences between poetry, prose, and drama

Great rap for the five themes

If you would like an online game that teaches story elements, try this one!

How about that freebie?

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