Sunday, January 24, 2016

Making Simple Machines Simple

Kids love learning how things work! That means the simple machines unit is perfect for them. The best thing about it is, they have to use reading, often math, and critical thinking skills as they learn about each of the six simple machines. 

What are the simple machines?
1.  Pulley
2.  Lever
3.  Wedge
4.  Wheel and Axle
5.  Inclined Plane
6.  Screw

A great way to introduce simple machines is through great teaching web-sites and then lots of hands-on activities.  Here are a few of my favorites sites:

Ed helper 

Includes a teacher's guide and is a really fun way for students to play with simple machines and discover what they do:

Simple Machines from COSI

You can NOT do better than COSI for simple machines. This is a great site for kids to use to learn how each of the machines work. It's perfect for getting them ready to make their own machines!

Neo k12  Simple Machines

14 short videos that are really good are on this site!

From Super Teacheer Worksheets

You can get this free mini-book. For most things on this site (and there are tons) you need to be a member, but the mini-book is free.


This is a real find! It's an entire teaching unit with everything you need, plus investigations kids can do to learn about simple machines. Don't miss this one! 


This is a terrific site for kids to explor how simple machines work, with teacher lesson plans.

If you need resources to teach your simple machine unit, don't miss these task card and PowerPoint resources in my store:

Simple Machines Science Task Cards and More

Simple Machines PowerPoint

Simple Machines Boom Cards

I hope these sites help out with lesson plans, computer activities and hands-on activities! Enjoy!!

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