Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Does Cooperative Note-taking Work So Well?

If you want an activity that boosts learning for learning disabled, struggling students, English language learners as well as every other kid in your class, try cooperative note-taking! It's simple to do, and taps into every student's need to be social. It's a win-win!

Why does it work?

1. It allows for a quick turnaround of what is being learned. Knowledge has to be communicated to another person as soon as it is read.
2. It gives students an immediate way to rehearse and deeply process the information they are learning.
3. Long term memory requires rehearsal, reorganization, and elaboration of information. This is something kids don't usually get while it is fresh in their minds. With cooperative note-taking, it's required!
4. Students must go through the material a number of times, which means they are cognitively processing the information as they do the assignment.
5. Kids love it!

That, my friends, is the key that boosts learning!

With that, I have included a freebie to keep tucked away in your lesson plan book. When you have material that your students MUST learn, give it a try. I'm guessing you will use it often. All the steps you need are included in the freebie, plus evaluation ideas. Click on the link below the picture.

Thanks to Graphics From the Pond for the dividers!!


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