Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer's Coming…and Freebie!

Here it comes! Every day it gets closer! Yes! Summer is almost here! Those last few days of school can be a little crazy, and can leave any teacher with frazzled nerves, and even a big headache! To help make those last days of school a little easier I have a freebie for you! It's a great activity to start the day. There are five graphing posters, one for kids to fill out each of the last five days of school. It includes questions to ask about the graphs each day, as well as a suggestion as to how upper elementary students can use the graphs as well. Just click on the link below the pages! Hope you enjoy using it!!

Click on the link below to get the freebie!

If you are interested in lots of fun activities for that last week of school, plus a great "good-by" gift for your students, check out my end of the year product: "Ants In Their Pants".  Just click on the link below:


  1. Very cute and fun idea to keep the kids engaged those last few {crazy} days of school! Thanks for sharing!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. These are very gorgeous and so great to get students involved in the creating of the task! :) I'm sure they'd love this! Thank you for sharing.

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Jan - I found it at Manic Monday. I notice that you linked Ants in Their Pants at my End-of-Year Linky Party - thanks! I'd love it if you'd stop back and share this freebie, too!

    Linda Nelson