Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rocks and Minerals FREEBIE and more!

      Whenever I teach rocks and minerals, I always do "Peanut Butter and Jelly Geology" with my students. They love it and it really teaches them about sedimentary rocks, and fault lines. But one thing always dives me nuts! Whenever I look around the net for good information on teaching peanut butter and jelly geology, it says, "allow students to make their sandwich any way they choose". NO! It costs over $10 to do this with a classroom full of kids, I'm not about to lose most of the lesson by letting them make that sandwich any way they choose.
       Making the sandwich is most of the lesson. It teaches how sedimentary rock is formed for crying out loud. What kids need is an interesting story about how their little piece of land changes over millions and millions of years. So....I made up my own...based on science and how sedimentary rock is formed. THEN I go on to teach about fault lines. So...long story short....I have included that story and the directions for doing your own peanut butter and jelly geology project in my freebie below. Just click the link below the picture to download the resource. I hope you enjoy it! I've also included some other great rocks and minerals links that you might find useful

This is a link not to be missed! It includes 12 study jams that range from the rock cycle, to soil, to weathering and erosion and so much more!! don't miss it!

Don't miss this terrific site that includes 14 wonderful rocks and minerals videos, plus quizzes and more!

Here are some great links for Rocks and Minerals that you might like:
My favorite is Rock Hounds…kids love it too!

You will not believe this site! If you teach rocks and minerals, don't miss this one! There are 11 links to activities from rocks and soil, to fossils. VERY kid friendly and easy to use!!!

I LOVE a good Web quest! This on about rocks will be one of your kids' favorites!

Great video on the layers of the Earth and the rock cycle

The king of science himself!

If you are interested in some task cards, classroom activities or a rocks and minerals PowerPoint, check out my resources below:


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  3. It really is fun...and really just don't forget how sedimentary rocks are formed after doing this activity!

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