Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crazy Homophones….Plus a Freebie!

Homophones! If I had a nickel for every parent note that had a homophone spelling error in it, I'd be rich, rich, rich! What's worse, teachers and even professors have the same kind of errors! The problem is, that type of error makes the writer look uneducated, or just sloppy. My job as a teacher is to give kids practice, LOTS of practice, in using homophones correctly. That isn't done with one lesson, it takes lesson, after lesson, after practice, after practice. Luckily, that's pretty easy. Videos, games and activities are all over the Internet to help us get those crazy homophones into kids' heads. We can't start too early!!!

It's always good to start with an anchor chart:

This site has LOTS of great homophone games and activities for teachers and for kids! Lots to choose from here. I have included three images to give you an idea of what is included here. Click on the link below to go to this great site!

The homophone express

Super Match Game 

Multiple Meaning Words (love this one!)

Oh my goodness! I saw this video from "Between the Lions" and couldn't resist. It's perfect for second and third grades.

                                                 Need some fun online homophone games?

Now time for that freebie! Hope you and your students enjoy it! It covers six homophones that are often misspelled! 

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