Monday, January 23, 2017

Force and Motion

The one science area that seems to give teachers the heebie jeebies is physical science! It doesn't have to be that way. There are so many great hands-on lessons, activities and games out there that will make not only learning more fun, but teaching too! Have a look at the great resources below, and take a deep breath. That force and motion unit could just become one of your favorites!!

1.  LOTS of lessons...You don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Great lessons (complete) from Utah

                                                           Science-3rd Grade


If you need lessons, PowerPoints and so much more check out:



From Idaho Public Television:



2.  Need some hands-on activities? Check these out!

This is a fun one called 19 Fun Ideas and Resources for Force and Motion

These StudyJams are activities on simple machines, gravity, inertia, acceleration and more!

If you want great hands-on activities for your classroom, you can't do better than Steve Spangler!!

3.  Games make learning fun! Add these to centers, or for early finishers!

20 games here!


Great games on pushes and pulls, friction, gravity, magnetism and more.

This is a fun one called "Forces at the Unfair"

I hope these links help you with your unit! If you have other ideas to add, please add them below!

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Need a Force and Motion resource? check out:

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  1. I am putting together my push/pull unit and was able to find a lot of great resources on your post. Thank you! Also, loved the pun about not having to reinvent the wheel. *wink* This post saved me a ton of time!
    Wiggling Scholars