Sunday, October 9, 2016

12 Halloween Sites You Don't Want to Miss!

Keep kids focused on learning, even through Halloween, with these fun sites that offer lots of lesson ideas, games and pure fun! Need an idea for reading? Math? How about social studies or science? Check out the sites below and keep them handy!

From Time for Kids
Get great reading material (guided reading maybe?) on all things Halloween, plus free Haloween printables!

From Education World
TONS of Halloween Lesson Ideas here!
I LOVE this website! It has LOTS of short spooky stories for kids to read for lit circles, guided reading etc.  Best for upper elementary for sure!  Be sure to check out all the goodies listed on the right hand site.

From pbsKids
Fun interactive Halloween-themed games and activities such as Cat in the Hat, Nocturnal Hat Hunt, Arthur: Happy Halloween and more.

From National Geographic Kids

This website has it all, animals, science experiments, and even games! There's lots of creepy goodies on deadly spiders and spooky games!

Need some spooky Teacher Resources? Get great ideas for science, social studies, math and art! It's everything you need to make your lessons just a little bit spooky!

For Just some Halloween fun:
This free app allows kids to make a Zombie!

From the NEA
You can't miss with these great Halloween lesson plans from the NEA for grades k-5!

From Teach Hub
Ideas, ideas and more ideas...especial for literacy!!

GREAT Halloween Math Games

From Teacher Planet
Filled with just what you need: clipart, lesson plans, resources, worksheets and more all for Halloween!

Yes, you will probably need some classroom party ideas for that Halloween party!

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