Sunday, August 28, 2016

10 Simply Amazing Math Websites

There are times when only a great math website will do! They teach, review and reinforce math concepts in a fun and entertaining way that keeps kids engaged! Here are ten of my favorites! There's even one for any virtual math manipulative you need! By the way, all are free!


This site, called "Maths Fun" is perfect for k-8th grade! If you have parent volunteers who want to come into your room, but you don't know what to do with them, this is the perfect site to ask them to use with students. It is perfect to extend learning for the more gifted math students, or remediate those who are behind. Some lessons go through step-by-step, others are review. Every strand of math is represented. This is truly math made easy!


If you need an engaging game or activity for centers or extra practice, you can't miss with this website called "Interactive Sites for Education".  The games are beautiful and very engaging, plus they cover a variety of ability levels.


If you just want great games for math fact reinforcement (by grade level) don't miss "Hooda Math". The games are fun, and keep the kids' attention.


To really make math make sense, kids need to use lots of manipulatives. However, we don't often have all of the manipulatives we need for a particular concept.....PROBLEM SOLVED! Be sure to visit the "National Library of Virtual Manipulatives" for ANYTHING you need!


Research tells us that students who do best at higher level math are students who don't do math just to get the right answer, but to solve a problem! With that in mind, this TedEd site has a number of riddle videos to show students. They will need to really struggle to figure out an answer....but that is what math is all about...the struggle and joy of discovery! This will elevate math class to a whole new leve. Best for 4th and up. 


You can't miss with PBS! This site has videos and interactive resources available by grade level. I love it because it allows kids to look at math in real life situations too! You need to create an account, but it's free. Look on the left hand site and choose your grade level.


"Johnnie's Math Page" is full of games by grade level, plus teacher resources. There's LOTS here so you are bound to find just what you want for centers, or for reinforcement.


"ZooWhhiz" may actually be the prize of all the ten listed here! Not only does it cover math AND language arts, but it automatically adjusts to the child's level and takes them from there. PLUS you can monitor their progress. It's perfect to send home for parents who want a great program that kids will love....and is perfect not only to reinforce students who are having difficulty, but also for elevating students who are ready to move on. It is from Australia, and since they have one of the highest literacy rates in the world (16th highest, the United States is 99th) , well...enough said! It is free, but you need to sign up. Seriously, this one is amazing. 


If you aren't familiar with "Coolmath4kids" don't miss checking it out now! If you need a game (cute and easy to play) that really zeros in on math concepts, this is the site for you! Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions for all elementary levels.


Games, Games, and more Games! That's what you'll find (by grade level) on Math Playground! You're welcome!

If you have a favorite math site you use in your classroom, please add it below! We all love to share!!

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