Tuesday, July 14, 2015


If you want to see reluctant learners perk up...start that unit on the American Revolution! It has everything! Excitement, deceit, battles and even a crazy king. The trick is to take it from words on a page, to activities, videos and more to get your students to be totally emmersed in the 1700s! My goal is always to get my kids so excited about this period in history, that they talk about it at home...at lot! With the use of a few of the resources linked below, your students can time-travel back into time, back into the birth of our nation!

You can't do better than the Colonial Williamsburg website. It has games, information and so much more to make the unit come alive!

I can't even begin to list all of that amazing links on this site! The Continental Cartoons game is one your kids will really enjoy! Don't miss the virtual Liberty Bell for sure!

To get your kids into the danger patriots had to face in the Revolutionary War, don't miss this game from the National Park Service. Students must take on the role of Patriot spy and deliver a litter to Paul Revere.

This game from PBS is based on their TV series, "Liberty". Students test their knowledge about the American Revolution to see if they can make their way to independence. Great for review before a test!

From Mr. Nussbaum, 14 sites student can go to to learn everything from the battles of the Revolutionary War, to Revolutionary flags. Terrific for research.

This site has a number of short videos from the Ben Franklin Story, to the treason of Benedict Arnold. Very nice assortment to supplement lessons! 

Sixteen 6 minute or less videos from the History Channel on this site are simply outstanding. They include, Lost Treasusre of the Founding Fathers, Rebels With a Cause, Boston Massacre, and Sons of Liberty.

This is a tried and true activity that kids really love, and learn a lot from doing! It's Called the King's M & M's: The Stamp Act. The activity has three pages and is free from TeacherVision.


  1. Such a great list of resources! Thank you for putting this together!

  2. Thanks so much! I hope they are useful!!

  3. I plan on using your resources. Thank you for sharing! - Pam

  4. I plan on using your resources. Thank you for sharing! - Pam

  5. Thanks Pam! That is so kind! I hope anything you purchase, or pick up for free saves you time!