Thursday, June 11, 2015

Organisms and Habitats

Organisms and habitats is one of my favorite well as the kids! To round out any unit we all need lots of "extras" to make it come alive for our students. I've searched the Internet for the best I could find for any organisms and habitats units. Included are games, online lessons and more.  I hope they help you out!!

This site has great activities about nature, the watershed (the picture below), backyard wildlife, building a food chain and much more!

This site is AWESOME! Kids discover all about habitats the fun way...with the Magic Schoolbus! Perfect for centers! 

This site allows students to choose an animal, and play with they type of habitat they would need. Perfect for younger students. From Switch Zoo.

This activity is perfect to learn about food chains!

This is actually a video lesson on habitats...perfect for centers! There's even an online test after each part of the lesson. Meant for third grade and up.

Ok! Now for serious fun! Students play this futuristic game in which they match aliens to their correct habitat...they must use the alien facts given to get it right!

Don't miss this video lesson on population size!

This is a fun one for students third grade and younger! Find out about seaasonal changes in trees, what trees need to live and grow healthily and how trees both living and dead support life.

These movies are terrific to add to your unit!

This is a 22 minute video that pretty much covers habitat!

This one is terrific to show how adaptations happen to help animals and plants adapt to extreem environments. From Animal Atlas.


This is a video lesson on ecosystems, habitats and ecological niches. (covers biotic and abiotic factors)

Great anchor charts help kids understand concepts better, check these two out!

If you need some task cards, a game or even PowerPoint slides to round out your unit, check out my resources below.

Organism and Habitats Task Cards and More

Organisms and Habitats PowerPoint

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