Thursday, February 12, 2015

8 Reasons Why Foldables Should be in Your Classroom!

Foldables can be messy and time consuming. All that cutting, pasting and folding, is it really worth it?  

Actually…Yes! Here a eight reasons why:

1. A study done in 2007 by professors of education at Tusculum College in Tennessee discovered that there was a significant improvement in students' attitudes about the material being learned when using foldables. It was also noted that behavior improved when foldables were used because students were more engaged with the material. For more on this study see:
2. Foldables help improve retention and recall of information for students at all skill levels (Bos & Anders, 1992; Ritchie & Volkl 2000).
3. Using foldables motivates unmotivated students. 
4. Foldables keep the attention of distractible students.
5. Kinesthetic learners love foldables because they are hands-on, not just pencil and paper. 
6. Visual learners love the pictures, drawing and coloring involved with foldables.
7. Foldables are perfect for learning disabled students, as they allow them to process information in a different way from using pencil and paper.
8. Foldables are 3-D graphic organizers that help students foster higher-order thinking, and construct their own meaning.

So are you ready to tackle a few foldables? If so, test drive the three foldables below in my freebie for figurative language. Let the foldable fun (and learning) begin!

Below are a few of the pages included:

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