Sunday, July 28, 2013

Times Tables the Fun Way...Serious Learning!

   Seriously, I'm not making a cent on this post...I'm talking about this amazing product because I love it! Teaching multiplication is always a chore, not only for kids, but for teachers too! I looked for a long time for something that would make the whole process easier...for me and for my students. Then I happened across "Times Tables the Fun Way". I sent for the basic set, and didn't follow the directions as I taught it the first year. To my amazement, kids loved it. Better yet, they learned the facts I taught really well.
   Well now! That was pretty cool. The next year I sent for more of the set, and this time I read the directions and followed the program to the letter. By the time I finished, EVERY kid in my room knew their multiplication facts. Seriously....they did! I followed their progress the following year as they went into fourth grade, and teachers told me all of my kids knew their facts. (See a happy face here.)
    My kids did so well, and had such a fun time learning their facts, that the principal decided to buy the program for the grade level. Now, some teachers let it set on the shelf, but the ones who used it, loved it.
    What really amazed me was that when my new kids came to Meet and Greet each year,  they wanted to know when they would start that "fun multiplication stuff" they had heard about on the bus.
    Bottom line, it works. Take a peek at the YouTube video for 4x4=16.  The price is $82.12 for a class set. I guarantee you, it will be the best money you ever spend on your classroom.

To order go to City Creek Press:

That's my advertisement for the year!