Thursday, December 12, 2013

Making Simple Machines Simple! : )

I absolutely LOVE teaching science! It's the one subject where kids can really get right in there and get their hands dirty (especially when we study worms!)  What I have noticed is not every teacher shares my love of teaching about simple machines….soooo…I thought I'd make a little post here with lots of my favorite links, and games for simple machines, plus an anchor chart that could help out a little. So…I hope this is helpful!

For great simple machine games and activities 

This site has a simple machines game, quiz, word scramble, word search and more.

Oh My Goodness! This is a fun one from the Museum of Science and Industry! This would be a good one to do with the class!

Terrific site that includes links to great simple machine sites!

Need some good Web sites for Simple Machines? Check these out!

If you would like to check out my Simple Machine resource on TPT called "Simple Machines, Task Cards and More:

If you are interested in the coordinating PowerPoint resource check out:

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