Thursday, January 24, 2013

Make Conferences Matter!

For years I did conferences the normal way. Parents come in, I talk, kids wait in the hall. Things might change for a day or two, but no REAL lasting change in behavior or study habits happened. Then I discovered student-led conferences. It was like a light went on!

I don't know if you have ever tried student-led conferences before, but I think they are the only way to conduct conferences. I didn't always feel that way! It wasn't until I saw the lasting change they made in my students' learning and behavior that I was hooked. The key to the conference, to me, is asking students to sign a contract on something they have chosen to work on that will help them improve. It is really important that the student have the primary choice in what this goal will be. They can be led by the teacher or the parent, but the choice must be theirs or they won't "buy into" it. I have included a free goal writing page below. Just click on the link below the picture. 

Have you ever tried to conduct student conferences? If so, please leave a comment about what you thought about the experience.

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If you are interested in a resource that leads you through the entire process, plus includes forms, check out my resource below!

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